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Borok geophysical observatory is the branch of the Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPE RAS). It is a unique middle-latitude geophysical observatory in the European part of Russia, making continuous measurements of different geophysical fields under conditions of “geoelectromagnetic preservation area”. The observed data are accessible via the web-site of the Borok Geophysical Observatory Database.

In addition, Borok Geophysical Observatory is the scientific institution, making theoretical and experimental geophysical investigations in the following directions:
  • monitoring of middle-latitude geophysical fields;
  • global electric circuit and atmospheric electricity researches;
  • solar wind and the Earth magnetosphere dynamics;
  • paleomagnetism and evolution of the ancient Earth magnetic field;
  • physicochemical and magnetic properties of rocks;
  • investigation of intense deformation states of the Earth crust in active seismic regions;
  • geoinformatics.
Borok geophysical gbservatory was founded in 1957 under the International Geophysical Year program, as a central station of a middle-latitude region on observation of short period geomagnetic field pulsations. The continuous observations of short period geomagnetic field pulsations are made since 1957 by the three component induction magnetometer. Since 1998 the geomagnetic field variations are measured by the three component fluxgate magnetometer of the SAMNET – S(ub-)A(uroral) M(agnetometer) Net(work), operating in the UK, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Since 2002 the geomagnetic field is measured by the magnetometric station of the INTERMAGNET – the global network of magnetic observatories. In 2004 the routine absolute measurements were implemented. So currently the Borok Geophysical Observatory performs the complete set of continuous geomagnetic measurements.